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Stylish Travel | Soul Adventures | Spa Reviews

  • palmycelebrity

    Barrenjoey House // Celebrity Getaway

    Travelling solo is one of life’s greatest pleasures. It can give us the much needed alone time to reflect on life, to see where we’re at and where we need to go, something we cannot always do when surrounded by others.  Travel for me is not just about seeing the places but experiencing myself through them. […] Read more…

  • london yoga

    Tri Yoga London //Rediscovering Balance for a Weary Soul

    Not only do I travel for work, but also traveling itself is work. Between the booking, packing, organizing, double-checking, flying, and finally, being in a foreign place, the act of travel has a large impact on the body and soul. Luckily, in London, there is Tri Yoga to relieve the burden of travel and everyday […] Read more…

Exclusive Interviews - Soul Models

  • orsola

    Meet the “Queen of Upcycling” // Designer, Orsola de Castro

    Orsola de Castro is famous in the fashion world for her innovative approach to design: upcycling, or reusing found items for a new aesthetic purpose. De Castro’s use of upcycling started in 1997 with her line From Somewhere, which gained fame through collaborations with other labels from Speedo to Jigsaw. Over the past 20 years, […] Read more…

  • Kirsten-Kjaer-Weis


    Kirsten Kjaer Weis is challenging women everywhere to go back to basics with the colorful, all-organic cosmetics of her namesake company, Kjaer Weis. After spending years as a makeup artist on shoots for Elle, Vogue, Lucky, and Marie Claire, Kirsten was inspired by her rural Danish roots to push the boundaries of natural ingredients. The […] Read more…

Life-Style Wisdom

  • gucci-fur-slippers

    Can Style and Soul Unite

    When I was younger I used to reinvent myself every few years, these days with disposable fashion we can do it every week and are often pushed from the outside world to shop till we drop. I have to say that as I get older and wiser the urge to reinvent myself becomes less and […] Read more…

  • mia-rose-stylebodyandsoul-valentino-rockstud-studded-pumps-heels

    Find your feet

    Finding our feet and our way in the world sometimes takes a little longer than we had expected or wanted. We sift through the many choices that confront us daily as well as fight the demons in our head about what is possible. There have been times where people told me that I couldn’t do […] Read more…